Is the RSS Feed dead?

I used to use Google Reader all the time.

It was the most convenient application of a reader side-by-side by one of my most used applications.  I would check emails, then click a button to read my feeds.

The two were connected in a symbiotic relationship where I would consume the news from my email and then from my feeds.

It didn’t even feel like I was jumping between apps when I used them.

I still have an RSS Feed app (both on my phone and online) but I find myself visiting it once a week (or maybe less).

It’s not that I’m reading less, in fact I’m reading much more, more than I ever have.  But I am getting my information from different sources now – twitter, linkedin, direct to blogs, subscribed mail to the ones I love the most, podcasts, etc.

I can easily go a month without worrying about not checking my feeds and not feel like I have missed something.

I’m not sure if RSS feeds are Dead and I think there will always be a use for them.  Perhaps it’s the reader(s) that are slowing taking their last breath.

Problems without Context

Are like pilots without a license.

Sure you’ll probably get there, but…

Will you get there on time?

Will you get there in one piece?

Will it cost you less than an arm but more than a leg?

Will you really know why you are going  there to begin with?

Without context to a problem, we are hoping to solve an issues with an infinite number of variables.  But when we add context to the discussion, when we frame the scope and reach of the problem, the players involved (and the ones that need to be involved) the solutions we come up with shift from being science fiction to now being within the possible.


Building a Better Mouse Trap

Sometimes, all that is needed is a better MouseTrap – a better way to solve the problem, a modification on the structure, some much needed enhancements, etc, etc.

You don’t need to be an innovator to be a creator, sometimes all you need is a tweak to take something broken and make it better than before, better than anyone imagined, and through that create a better product that will re-invigorate a worn-out market or need that people have long forgotten.

History is littered with examples so don’t worry if you haven’t invented the latest tire that tweets out it’s mileage and alerts you when a nail gets lodged in it sometimes what is really needed is a Better Mouse Trap and not a new one.

Forget Viral

Your post isn’t going to be picked up by millions.

That article that took you 2 hours to write, will be read by 5 people (one being your mom).

That photo with the slick lens flare won’t receive any likes.

That sweet tweet that you composed on the way to work that is pure gold will get 1 retweet.

Your well-crafted, well-written, put together Facebook post is going to get 15 dislikes.

So now that you know Viral is not in the cards for what you are working on, will you still post it?  

Will you still put in all that effort to make it happen?

Will you still put in as much heart and soul and love into making it a thing of wonder and perfection?

I hope so because 98% of what we consume is not viral and stuff is gold worth more than all the viral pieces put together.