Escape from Total Drama Island

I cannot take credit for this phrase – but I love it – I love everything about it.

I imagine an Island where there are two or more people obsessed with everything between them – discussing the big issues of the day – on an island.

Everything is escalated – everything is turned up a notch – people are losing their minds…

“The Coconuts aren’t ripe…”

“There is too much sand here…”

“The water isn’t blue enough…”

“I’m bored…”

It’s all about life on the Island, it’s all about everything happening in that Island… and no one wants to get off the Island OR knows how to get off the Island… all they feel is that this is it and there is nothing else…

Now I imagine “a la Comic Book Strip”… while this drama is ensuing… someone looking over to another Island… where people are chilling in bluish/green water, building sand castles and letting the coconuts ripen thinking “I need to get out of here”.

Whatever you are going through, don’t make it into an Island unto itself.  Take a moment and realize that there is something else out there, maybe better, maybe worse, but different that perhaps can give you the opportunity to jump off the island and try something new.

All you need to do is build the bridge (or boat) to get off the Island.

Not sure what to write?

Try this – HubSpot Blog Idea Generator

Or sign up for a site (they are all, always, looking for authors and contributors) that let you pick from a pool of ideas.

Or ask each of your friends for the titles of 3 articles they would read.

You might not go with any of these ideas, or maybe you will, or maybe it’ll spur your thoughts to some other topic that you never knew was there.

Whatever the reason, you’ll start writing, something, anything – and that’s all that matters.

The New Sales Funnel

The old sales funnel was designed to get as many qualified customers to the bottom of the stack as possible to reap the most sales.

They were all one sale, independent of one another.

The New Sales Funnel is still about getting leads and creating a business but now instead of a funnel, it’s a web of relationships, graphs, connectedness and trust where one interaction can yield a lead that might not work out but bring in more leads into the business as a result.

Instead of a funnel, I prefer to think of it as everyone having a handful of balloons not trying to squish through the funnel, but trying to pull them through the door, all fueled by your sincerity, honesty and trust in making a connection.

Customer Service in an Era of Automation

When everyone is talking about the ubiquity and general awesomeness associated with chatbots that can handle base customer interactions.

Are we talking about the benefits of increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction or are we talking about the increased benefits in reduced, qualified agents to help customers solve their problems?

Will the chatbot be the differentiator in customer retention or the next cool thing that lets the customer *think* they are talking to someone?

Like anything, it’s understanding what Service problem we are trying to solve and whether it is really for Customer.

Do you really need to work to 2 AM to be Successful?

Ignoring everything there is on sleeping, what your body needs, how it can operate et al.

My only thoughts on this – we are all wired differently and can all handle less or more sleep.

Moving on.

Do you need to work every day to 2 AM to be successful?

My only answer is whether the work you are doing at 2 AM is still as useful as the work you were doing at 9 pm?

If so, then yes keep working till 2 AM and become successful.

If not, then yes stop working till 2 AM and become successful.

It’s not the time you are putting into the work that matters, but rather the work that you are putting into the time – if the quality isn’t where it needs to be than that should be your biggest concern and not what hours you are working till.