The Break-Out Strategy

You’ll hear this from coaches a lot.

“What’s our break-out?”

“How do we get the – (whatever sport it is we’re playing) – out of our zone and into theirs?”

The same goes for your career.

Do you have a break-out strategy for taking that next step in your career?

Do you know where you want to go next?

Do you know who you need help from?

Do you know what you need to get there?

It’s not complicated, draw a box on a piece of paper, make 4 squares within it and map it out.

From there draw arrows between the boxes.

Now you have a break-out strategy.

I want an Easy Life

Great – start with the end goal in mind.

It’s not going to come to you on a silver platter.

Forget all the hype, all the articles that are promoting someone else over you, all the followers you don’t have and guest posts you are missing out on.

If you want it, go work for it, go make it happen.

That’s all.

(foot note: this post first started out as “Great – Go work for it. ┬áThat is all” – it is that simple)

Start thinking Long Term

I wish I had better running endurance today.

I wish I could bench my own weight today.

I wish I had a better wrist shot today.

I wish I had better grammar today.

But I don’t (and many of us don’t either), where we want to be today we are not and that frustrates all of us to no end.

Even if we have put in months and months of effort already.

This isn’t about doubling down and working twice as hard ( but if you need it, that’s good too) it’s about thinking where you want to be tomorrow today.

Simply put – write down where you are today (or record it or something) – put it into a box for 6 months.

Six months from now are you still there?


Rinse and Repeat baby, all day every day.

Stop thinking about the short-term today and start focusing on the long-term tomorrow.


Share your Progress

We don’t share the journey as much as we should.

We want to figure out the 40%, the 60%, the 90% and then let people in to see how we are doing.

Except we aren’t really asking for the input at that point.

We’re asking them for acceptance.

It’s hard to share your work when what’s in your head is much better than what’s on the screen – whether it be code, writing, artistry, the next great novel, whatever.

It’s hard.

But if you want to get better, faster, sooner and with feedback that won’t discourage but enhance the final outcome.

Start sharing your progress today.

No one is asking for you to share the world, the baby steps will do.

It’s this simple.

I lied, I need two monitors

I posted a blog a few months ago about whether I needed two monitors or one and whether I could make do.

I’ve now tried going single monitor on my main desktop for 2 months.

I was horribly, horribly wrong – two monitors is the only way to go.