Play the Player or the Game?

There is a lot written about whether you should play the game or the player you are playing against.

You see it in many sports games, where a player realizes the instant that they can’t win the game, so they start playing the player.

Here’s the thing, when you play the player, you are no longer playing the game, you’re playing something else completely different, but it’s not the game.

If you can’t beat them at the game you are in, create a new one that they don’t know they are in.

This can work, this can be a strategy.

But it won’t work in the long-run, because while everyone else is figuring out how to play the game better, the one game better, you are busy trying to come up with a different set of games for every player on the field.

Play the game, know you aren’t always going to win but keep pushing, because one day you will and it’ll be that much more worth it.


The Mercy Rule

However implemented, it’s a rule to enforce that one team does not lose by a substantial amount to another team.

I’ve seen this implemented over the years in fashion.

The worst way I have seen it implemented is when the team with the larger score, takes members of their team off the field.

Why is this the wrong way?

  • Invariably, the mismatch is not by numbers but by skill so there is a good chance the other team will score again.
  • You are blatantly saying to the other team – “we can beat you with less” or rather “less of our players are worth more of yours”.

At that point in the game, the message being sent to the losing team is – “look, you’re probably still going to lose, but while you’re at, we’re going to take you down a few more pegs to be sure.”

Still not sure if you agree?

Apply it to your current team, they are underperforming, not doing well, going through a rough patch compared to some of the other groups (it happens) so what are you going to do?

Show them up against another team that is excelling right now and show them how well that team is doing compared to them?


Don’t Take the Job that Holds You Back

When you are a contractor, freelancer or consultant – there is always an enticement to take the job that will pay well but stifle any form of creativity, learning and accomplishment that you can bring to the project.

If you need a paycheck, take it.

But don’t take it forever, don’t be the one to hold yourself back.

Remember that you got into this so you could learn more, develop more and grow to be the best version of yourself.

So if you need to take the job that is going to stunt your growth, take it for a short period of time so the effects aren’t permanent.

Better yet, avoid it altogether.

Lost an Award – Gained a Path?

A while ago I lost an award I held for a few years.

I went through all the emotions you generally go through when this happens.

The one I didn’t think I’d find was a new path and direction to accomplish a new set of goals.

I guess the old adage is true – “one door closes and many more can open” – it’s simply a case of whether you want to go through it.

Sit Down and Do It

Same advice, different day.

But sometimes we all need it delivered to our inbox, facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram, whatever.

If you want something done, the best way to get it done is to sit down and do it.

That is all.