Getting it Right for One

Stop worrying about Getting it Right for all and start worrying about Getting it Right for One.

One size doesn’t fit all.

One approach won’t make everyone happy.

What worked for one, will not work for the other.

But maybe that one that you are focussing, will turn into two and that two into four and that four into eight, etc, etc, etc.

But you’ll never know unless you focus on that one first, because that one is where the magic happens, not with that 100,000.

Step Away from the Problem

Don’t ignore it, but step away from it.

Let it congeal in the back of your mind.

Look at it from a different angle.

Look at it from the wrong angle.

As you walk by it, give it a kick to see if it is still there.

But don’t engage it.

Wait until you’ve got the approach in your head all laid out – it will come to you – when you least expect it – it will come to you.

But it won’t whilst you are staring at it in the face wishing it would solve itself for you.

Product vs Project

Everything you code is a product.

Whether it’s for an internal user or an external customer.

They are both paying for it.

They both need you to support it.

They both want it yesterday.

You wouldn’t treat one different than the other.

So now we know we are building products regardless of who our customer is and what schedule or process we use to deliver it.

It’s all product.

There is no project.

I’m Not Going to Lie To You

I’m not going to lie, whatever it is you’re going through might not get better in the next month or two.

Heck, it might even take a few years.

But you’re there and you’re feeling it so that means it’s coming, that means change, real change is coming.

That means you’re on the right path, you just have one hurdle (albeit possibly quite large) to get over.

But if you’re willing to keep trying, it’s yours for the taking.

When the Dates Don’t Change

The people sure do to make them happen.

Not the process.

Not the code.

Not the features.

Not the bugs.

Only the people and their dedication to getting the product done and shipped to your customers.

(sometimes we all need to be remind of what it is that really changes when we ship to meet the date and change nothing else).