Are Promotions really worth it?

I’ve been playing around with Facebook and Instagram Ads the last few weeks.

When the ads are running, traction is high, Likes are coming in, maybe a few Followers.

If you want another dopamine hit of Likes and Followers you can pay more for a larger reach and keep it going.

But then what?

How long to do you keep going?

Until your wallet runs out?

For a period of time?

Until you’ve converted X new leads to customers?

It’s called an Ad campaign but really it feels like a short-lived promotion aimed at getting the word out that you are here and open for business.

When it’s over, the real work begins of trying to keep them with you, keep them engaged and interested.

And if you can’t do that with your work, the only other way to do it is to run another promotion to get them back in.

Which feels a little cyclical no?

We Pose Too Much

In our photos.

On LinkedIn.

On Facebook.

On Instagram.


We take too much time to get the perfect shot, post or article when what everyone is really interested in seeing is how you got there.

How many outtakes did it take to create that LinkedIn video?

How many times did you try and take that photo before you got the perfect one?

How many times did you edit that last post before you posted?

That’s what everyone really wants to see, the work, the creativity, your method, the good, the bad and the ugly that came together in that one perfect moment.

We all know what the end result was, now we want to see how you made it happen when no one was watching.

It’s Made To Be Broken

All of it.


It’s all made to be broken.

Because it all started from nothing and became something, but whatever it is, it’s not it’s final destination, it’s only the level it’s at today, waiting to be broken down and built into something greater.

What is it?

Your code.

The cookies you are selling.

Your current social media strategy.

The process for which you package and ship your orders.

The team you lead that was doing great but is now stagnating.

Last night’s build.

All of it, break it all and rebuild it into something greater.

How long does it take to find your Niche?

As a Freelancer that is always trying to define their niche, this is no easy task.  On a recent podcast by Seth Godin, he mentioned that if you can find 1,000 people to define your niche you are in great shape.

One thousand people…

One thousand people…

I’m stuck on trying to get past ten right now (okay maybe more than that but you get the idea).

Defining a niche is easy (this is who we serve), finding them, getting your message to them, having them acknowledge that your message aligns to their problem is a whole other problem that is not readily solved by hanging your sign to say “we’re open”.

Over the last year, I’ve tried a variety of channels and paths to try and reach my niche, some have worked, some haven’t, some need refinement, others were tossed the pile.  What keeps me going is that when I find one more person who identifies with what I’m selling, well then I know I’m one more person to that One thousand than I was the day before.

This Is How we’ve Always Done It

Sounds good.

And now that you’ve said it, now that you’ve uttered that most sacrilege of statements, it sounds like what you are really trying to say is…

“This is How we’ve always done it, and it looks like we’ve always been doing it wrong”

Challenge accepted.