What Happens when Process beats People

The people move on.

They learn that this is “how it is” and that nothing will ever change.

They realize that their leadership would rather trade paper and theory for the people that are standing right in front of them.

As it crystalizes in their minds they now start to understand the adage of “you don’t leave a company, you leave the team/leader you are on”.

And when they leave, those responsible for the wonder how it could have ever happened when they have such a great process in place.

Cue the hiring machine to start ramping up to fill in the missing blanks.

Ship Every Day

If you’re trying to accomplish 4 – 5 projects concurrently that you’ve identified as being of value and where you want your focus to be.

You need to ship on those projects each and every day.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 minutes, 2 hours, the entire afternoon or all day.

You ship something that you didn’t ship yesterday every day.

Assuming you do 5 minutes a day for a week – that’s 35 minutes a week.

Now multiply that by 4 weeks in a month and you have 140 minutes a month.

Twelve months in a year, 1,680 minutes over the course of a year or roughly translated 28 hours invested in your goal.  Now maybe 5 minutes isn’t of huge value to whatever you are trying to accomplish (maybe something like 10 – 15 minutes is better).

But you can’t argue with the fact that by shipping every day, you have now chipped off 28 hours of investment in what you were hoping to achieve.


It’s called Heavy Lifting for a Reason

Because it’s hard.

Because it’s the work that matters.

Because sometimes when you try, you’ll fail (and people hate that).

Because it’s the kick that takes you from meh to great.

Because it’s the work that raises your game and makes people notice.

Because if it was easy lifting, everyone would be doing it.

But you’re not everyone.

What should a Software Leader focus on?

Whether you’re a manager, lead, CTO, VP, Director or any other position that requires you to lead a team, the fundamentals of what is needed you are the same.

People – my team, the team around me, what do they need from me, how do I support them?

Product – what are we building, software for customers, software for our company, everything is a product?

Partner – who do I work with, who do we depend on, are they internal teams that support us or external vendors that we leverage?

Technology – what do we build on, what do I have to keep in the know on, where are we focused?

Strategic – what’s coming tomorrow, how do I plan for it, are we reacting or can we be proactive?

The weights might be the same as you progress from one role to the other, but if you’re always thinking about those five points, you’ll be and stay, in good shape.