The Expansion Experiment

I think what helps any of us grow, in any field, is seeing the different approaches that people take in totally different fields to solve similar problems.

Whether it be a function of leadership, team development, personal growth where there is alignment between the fields of interest.

Even more interesting is to learn how people approach problems I have never seen, heard or even thought of and seek to understand how they approached this problem.

With this in mind, I went to my LinkedIn feed and noticed that the bulk of people I interact with are all in some way shape or form working with technology.  So I sought to change that and reached out to people that I had met through Seth Godin’s altMBA program who are from a very diverse set of backgrounds and experiences.

The results have been incredible, so many new blogs to look at and read, so many new contacts that I have met and chatted with online (and perhaps might meet in person one day) and so many new ideas now coming my way.

Call it the Expansion Experiment or the LinkedIn Collision – whatever you want to call it – thank you to all of those that accepted my invites.

What if I don’t Trust the Process

I’ve heard, I’ve used, this line to a great extent – primarily when trying to allay someone’s fears of the unknown in a situation.

In saying this, though, we aren’t “really” talking about the process.

What we’re really saying is “Put some faith in me, I won’t let you down, let’s do this together”.

If you are the driver of the “process” that is the message you are trying to convey.

Trust the people, have faith in what they are and can do – that is what we’re saying when we say Trust the Process.

The Result of the Ongoing Learning Experiment

So last year, as part of the altMBA program I signed up for I did this goal setting exercise – something I wanted to accomplish, set targets, goals, etc.

Goal: Create a Comic Book

Gap: Learn to Draw

Execution: Draw for 30 minutes each and every single day.

Outcome: keep reading…

Definitely not as easy as I hoped/thought.  I don’t think since I started that I have hit the 7 days a week of drawing since starting, but I have gone as high as 5 and as low as 0.  Did life get in the way?  Sure it did.

Did it I want it to?  Sure I did.

Firestorm1Because no matter how many ways you slice it, it hasn’t been an easy goal.  Since March, I’ve been pushing myself a lot more, trying to get better and over the hump of “knowing what great is, and knowing what I am doing is definitely not great”.  I’ve definitely taken inspiration from this little book – “Steal Like an Artist” – and trying to learn as much as possible from many of the greats artists while also going back to many early creators to learn from them.

I’ve tried very hard (although sometimes fallen victim) to getting caught up in the learning and not the actually doing (because that’s an easy way to avoid the hard work.

It’s been an incredible learning experience – types of pencils, paper, markers, shading, perspective and depth perception (who knew all of this).  And things you take for granted – drawing hands, eyes, but really hands – they are so incredibly hard to draw.Firestorm2

As I’ve late, I’ve taken to drawing some of my initial sketches over again to see what level of improvement has happened.

The left is from September 12, 2015, the right is from tonight, July 5, 2016.  You might not see all the differences but trust be, they are there.

So if you’re wondering whether you should stick with where you are at, whether it will ever come to fruition and whether you’ll ever get there.

You’ll only know by keeping on keeping on and keep pushing.

And if you’re looking for more on setting goals and other endeavours, I strongly suggest you look at the last cycle of Seth Godin’s altMBA program.

PS – Notice the very, now legit, signature – true confession – I spent an evening doing these 🙂




The altMBA – what it does

For some reason, I thought when I sent my application into the inaugural altMBA program it was later in May – turns out it was much, much earlier than that.

Wow time flies.

So here is how it did start for me…


And that was it, that was how it all started – I had no preconceptions what the course was, how it worked, what my grades would be (are there grades?  no there are not) and where it would take me.  Something new, something different, something to give you a swift kick.

From it I learned that I can do anything everywhere and need to keep pushing deeper – dipping my foot in the water, seeing if it is cold or not was not going to be enough.  It’s funny reading the above email today because my first prompt was called “Leapfrog the Ladder” – lol.

Even if you missed the next cycle, there will be more because it’s spawning into such a great program and if you don’t believe be, look at all these great people that I met and see what they are accomplishing…

Louise Karch – every day, I open my facebook to read her great posts and see what she is doing over in Australia (although she is native Canadian) and look forward to her book coming out (and every time it gives me that kick to finish mine).

Mike Savatovsky – Mike’s running an incredible program right now on giving back to when he was cured of Cancer.  The program is available here and definitely worth checking out.  It’s a very ambitious program and the quality is simply stellar.

Derek Martin – Man this guy delivers incredible videos that simply knock your socks off and it’s no surprise that he did a recent Ted talk .  Simply incredible (and great talk too)

I could probably keep running through people who now fill my Facebook with all of their great accomplishments… those from FLAX… and those from many other cycles… but maybe I’ll let you sign-up and experience it for yourself.

Than if you’re in my neck of the woods we could meet-up and who knows where things could go from there.

Trust the Process PostScript

Tip of the hat to the altMBA, my own PostScript after having written this morning’s prompt, er post.

So what happens when you cannot trust the process and by the process I mean the people?

Then you decide which path you need to go down – the path to find a new process that you can start fresh with and start trusting OR the process by which you stick with it and you commit to making something happen.  Notice the “you”, you commit to making something happen, you come up with the action plan, you make the effort and you judge yourself by your own efforts.  Not the efforts of others that you are waiting on to make something happen for you.