Lost an Award – Gained a Path?

A while ago I lost an award I held for a few years.

I went through all the emotions you generally go through when this happens.

The one I didn’t think I’d find was a new path and direction to accomplish a new set of goals.

I guess the old adage is true – “one door closes and many more can open” – it’s simply a case of whether you want to go through it.

Hope that they leap over you

When you hire a new person for your team, you always want to have that little voice inside your head saying – “I think this person can be better me”.

If you do, hire them.

If you don’t, don’t hire them.

As a Leader, your job is to make sure that every person leaps over you, maybe switching groups, taking on new projects, leaving the organization, whatever it is.

You always want people that can have the ability to surpass you.

For the one reason – that no matter where they land, no matter where you land – you will push each other to become that much better than if you were not together.

The Weekend Test

That new idea you have.

That new product that will make you $$$.

That new process that will revolutionize the industry.

That book you’ve been plodding through for years.

Do you care enough about it to work on it during the weekend?

If so, go make it happen.

If not, it probably is not going to happen.

It’s not a question of workload and overtime, it’s a question of whether you love it that much to work on it when you have a day off.

That’s the Weekend Test.

The Back To School Reset

As the commercial says, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

As our children grow older and more is expected of them in school, that last night of freedom before the year begins is spent thinking about what the year will bring.

What will they aim to achieve?

What teams do they want to try out for?

How much effort are they willing to put in?

Of course mixed in with other questions as well…

What will I wear?

Who will I sit next to on the bus?

But those first 3 questions, those are the questions and answers that will chart the course for the year.

As adults, we work all year long (with the exception of vacations where we might consider those questions a little more). ¬†We don’t get the benefit of that long break to re-evaluate where and what we want to achieve.

But perhaps we should force ourselves to have one and lay the course.

Start thinking Long Term

I wish I had better running endurance today.

I wish I could bench my own weight today.

I wish I had a better wrist shot today.

I wish I had better grammar today.

But I don’t (and many of us don’t either), where we want to be today we are not and that frustrates all of us to no end.

Even if we have put in months and months of effort already.

This isn’t about doubling down and working twice as hard ( but if you need it, that’s good too) it’s about thinking where you want to be tomorrow today.

Simply put – write down where you are today (or record it or something) – put it into a box for 6 months.

Six months from now are you still there?


Rinse and Repeat baby, all day every day.

Stop thinking about the short-term today and start focusing on the long-term tomorrow.