Who should write the requirements?


Everyone fills a part of this role, from the customer to the Business Analyst, to the Sales Manager to the Product Owner to the QA Tester to the Developer.

Everyone writes the requirements, everyone shapes the outcome, everyone contributes.

If only one of those roles takes on the responsibility¬†for writing the requirements than the requirements have not been written, they’ve been assumed and conjectured.

Writing requirements isn’t magic, but the results they can yield when everyone contributes are.

When Leadership Ignores the Bad News

The team learns to ignore it as well.

And from the team, new members to join the team ignore it as well.

And the cycle repeats.

That’s the fall out.

That’s how bad it will get.

And that should be enough for Leaders to stop being complacent, stop ignoring the bad news and start confronting it head on.

Being On… All… The… Time

Being “On” all the time is a very hard thing to do.

I would go so far as to say no one can really do it.

We all have our bad days where we are not as chipper as we would like to be.

We don’t make the best use of our social media interactions.

We snip and snap at people a little more brusquely than we normally would have.

Perhaps we are angry, frustrated or bored with the root of our manifestation coming from simply being “On” for too long.

You can pull up the latest meltdown du jour and probably look a little deeper that they were probably “On” a little too long.

When we were young, our parents could see when we’d been On for too long and would send us to bed.

But now we are older, and sometimes it’s not going to bed that refuels us and gets us ready for being “On” again – sometimes it’s reading, exercising, thinking, playing video games, building something with your hands, coding on something that we love.

Whatever it is, find it and figure out how you can tap into it wherever you are, whatever you are doing, so perhaps you don’t need to be “On” all the time, but you can know how to refuel it when you need it the most.

Focus where it Matters

We all want it, we all need it, we all crave it.

Focus in what we are doing, focus in the direction that we are moving in.

And as such, it is imperative that once that focus is attained, we don’t waiver.

Want to build a product?  Great, start building.

“But I need a new fancy laptop…” – really, do you really need it or is it nice to have that would pump you up?

Not sure how to close that last sale?  Talk to them.

“It would be so much easier if I had an assistant…” – but you don’t and now you’re wishing you did instead of thinking about how you can close that sale.

Figure out what it is you want, push out the clutter and deliver.

If you need to, write it down, put it on a wall, two columns – one of what matters, one that doesn’t – everytime you look up, the decision will have been made for you.

Focus – that’s all it takes.