Ship Until You Get to Perfect

Episode 8 of the Sniffing Marker’s Podcast had a lot of great content in it on finding clients.

But despite our best efforts, we were still struggling with audio quality so my voice sounds like I’m in a tunnel.

That’s life, that’s how it goes when you are trying to ship and make something happen and forget about it being perfect.

I’m much more satisfied that we delivered vs waiting another two weeks to get it right thereby delaying delivery another week after that.

Because with those 3 extra weeks, we can learn more, generate more content and keep getting better.

If we focused on getting that one episode perfect, we might not have recorded as many episodes as we currently have.

Love the Life but not the Labour?

You don’t have to go far to read anything on the topic of starting your own company, working on your own, being the Army of two or three or four.

All the trials and tribulations you need to go through to make it work (not be a massive success), simply to make it work.

It’s not easy, never has been, never will be.

There are way too many articles out there to list them all on the subject.

Here’s what it takes;

  • Constantly living with the unknown and understanding that tomorrow could change your course.
  • Constantly putting yourself and your work out there to make a sale.
  • Navigating that fine line between success and failure and being okay with being in the middle.
  • Knowing that everything I just said can change tomorrow.

But if you can do all that and be happy that you can steer your own destiny, then love that life, but don’t do it for the hype.

Deleting Your Work

Whether it’s code, a blog post, something, anything.

It was work that you did, work that you invested your time in to create something, work that mattered.

And now, a month (or maybe less) later, here you are deleting it, but not wanting to delete it.

You’re staring at it wondering why did I write this?  What was I thinking?  And most predominantly at the forefront of your brain – how much it took?

How much time did I expend writing all of this?

Do I really want to throw all of that effort away?

In software, we call this refactoring.

You write something one day, find a better way to do it the next and you refactor what was old into something new that is better than what it was before.

And we don’t think about how long it took.

So next time you start to think about the cost in deleting something and all that effort that will be lost that you are now throwing away… don’t.

Think about what you are refactoring to make it better and what you have learned to come to this point.

How to Find Your Passion

Do lots of little things.

Try new things out.

See what you like and what you don’t.

Then dig deeper into what you like and narrow your focus, building on each experience.

Don’t worry about the Craptivity or the going from good to great, revel in not knowing anything and the excitement of finding what you love.

Don’t invest $5,000 in finding your passion, I’m sure you can do it for $100 with a healthy dose of blood, sweat, and tears.

After all of it, you still might not have found your passion or where you started might have taken you down a different path.

There is no need to fret or worry.

Your journey has just begun.

When should you try something new?

Right Now.

What are you waiting for?

What life changing, cosmic event are you waiting for that is going to change your direction in life and make you want to take that next step that could define the rest of your career?


Then the answer to the first question is still – Right Now.

Stop putting it off and start making it happen.