When should you try something new?

Right Now.

What are you waiting for?

What life changing, cosmic event are you waiting for that is going to change your direction in life and make you want to take that next step that could define the rest of your career?


Then the answer to the first question is still – Right Now.

Stop putting it off and start making it happen.

You Haven’t Lost Anything

It’s easy to get down on ourselves when our first interaction with a customer doesn’t go as we planned.

The webinar we spent months pouring our heart into crashed and burn with connection problems.

Your first call interaction did not go exactly as you would have liked.

You are not where you had hoped to be despite giving it everything you had.

The mailer you had that went out to hundreds of prospective client had the wrong number on it (despite being vetted by everyone on your team).

It happens, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost, it doesn’t mean the potential sale is gone, it doesn’t mean there is no hope.

It just means you learned a little and now it’s time to figure out what you need to do next.

You only lost something if you stop now.

How to Start a Podcast

I’ve been doing a Podcast for a few months now and like anything, it isn’t the ongoing execution of the cast that took the most time but the initial “doing” of the cast and getting up to make it happen.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed that goes into creating a cast, don’t, here are some simple steps that we took to get started.

  1. Get a decent Mic.  I purchased this one, very easy to use and easy to take with me.
  2. Download Audacity for audio mixing (seriously, I am not an audio engineer and I was able to figure it out in 10 minutes).
  3. Download some cool intro music.  I went onto iTunes and bought 2 tracks for $.99 a piece.
  4. Get a website – WordPress or LibSyn can get you setup pretty fast and they have all the goodies to make it happen.
  5. Register your Podcast with iTunes and Stitcher.
  6. Start Recording.

That’s it – six steps to having your own Podcast.

I’d be remiss to say that it is 50% easier if you do it with someone, you can both encourage and support each other through the trials of getting it started and it’s always good to have someone to laugh with.

For the actual episodes themselves, we try to do a one-page outline that we keep in front of us so we know what we are talking about and that’s it.

Do a few tests to verify the audio quality, but other than that give’r.  We were in a horrible room for our first few episodes that had some hard echo – that’s life.

The best part about doing a Podcast?  No one sees you sweat when you are recording it.


Perfection is the Restraint

That’s right, the restraint, the barrier, the handcuffs, the weight, the rock holding you down.

We don’t ship because it’s not perfect.

We don’t finish writing because it’s not perfect.

We don’t start building that new shed because it won’t be perfect.

We don’t try something new because it won’t be perfect.

We don’t push ourselves to the edge because the result will not be perfect.

We don’t because IT won’t be perfect.

Instead of worrying about perfection, if we instead focused on delivery, on getting there, on being okay with the result being an unknown quantity and value and solely being satisfied with having completed something – our mindset starts to change.

The word perfection doesn’t even enter the picture because there is no room for it, our goal isn’t perfection, our goal is creating, shipping and delivering – everything after that isn’t gravy or a bonus – it simply… just… is.

Stop Reading, Start Doing

It’s so easy to receive that umpteenth email about a great course you have to watch, a book you need to read and a lecture you need to attend.

Maybe you’ll finally receive that one last golden nugget of knowledge that will make you a success.

Or maybe it’s time to stop worrying about what little bit you are missing and start building, creating, trying, failing, breaking and most importantly just doing.

You can only consume so much content, so set the playing field before you begin, read these 3 books and then start?

Okay do that, but don’t get sucked into reading the recommendations on top of the recommendations that keep you safe in your little corner of the world and stop you from stumbling towards something great.