Why won’t they Listen

One of the worst positions to be in is the position where you know the right way to accomplish a task but no one wants to hear it.

It’s frustrating and demoralizing and leaves you with the feeling of why you are there, to begin with.

But instead of flourishing in anger and despair, perhaps the course of action needed is for you to understand why they are not listening as opposed to trying to impose your will and direction on them.

It seems like an extra step in an otherwise illogical puzzle where you already have the answer.

But that’s short-term thinking.

Long-term thinking focuses around trying to understand their position, direction and mindset so you can bring them onto your side, show them how your solution will help them and set a level of trust for future collaboration.

The issue might not be that they won’t listen, it could be that they can’t as this is where you need to shine.



Simple Tools for Complex Problems

For years I’ve searched for the perfect goal setting app with many having very complex systems of reminders, prompts, recording, updating, etc.

I’ve been using an iPhone App for the last 4 months that lets me input the goal, target metrics for the month, one click updates on progress and graphing of the results month to month.

Best of all, it follows me wherever I go.

Simple tools solving Complex problems for $1.49.

Being On… All… The… Time

Being “On” all the time is a very hard thing to do.

I would go so far as to say no one can really do it.

We all have our bad days where we are not as chipper as we would like to be.

We don’t make the best use of our social media interactions.

We snip and snap at people a little more brusquely than we normally would have.

Perhaps we are angry, frustrated or bored with the root of our manifestation coming from simply being “On” for too long.

You can pull up the latest meltdown du jour and probably look a little deeper that they were probably “On” a little too long.

When we were young, our parents could see when we’d been On for too long and would send us to bed.

But now we are older, and sometimes it’s not going to bed that refuels us and gets us ready for being “On” again – sometimes it’s reading, exercising, thinking, playing video games, building something with your hands, coding on something that we love.

Whatever it is, find it and figure out how you can tap into it wherever you are, whatever you are doing, so perhaps you don’t need to be “On” all the time, but you can know how to refuel it when you need it the most.

When Customer Service goes Boink

When you need to wait three days to talk to someone on the phone, for two minutes to solve your problem.

When the team you need to speak to, does not give out their number because there are too many calls to handle.

When the timer expires for how long you have been in the queue and drops you.

When the automated chatbot or IVR don’t actually help resolve your problem but instead motivate you into finding a way to try and game the system.

When the agent asks for the information that you only just provided the automated system with 30 seconds go.

Customer Service is the most powerful entity in any organization today, determining the success of any product and/or service based on that customer engagement.  I have taken to calling into an organization’s service centre before I buy a product to see how I will be treated outside of the sales relationship to ensure it will mimic what is being sold.

Everyone is happy when there are no problems, but keeping customers happy and assured, when things go wrong is a skill unto itself.

Escape from Total Drama Island

I cannot take credit for this phrase – but I love it – I love everything about it.

I imagine an Island where there are two or more people obsessed with everything between them – discussing the big issues of the day – on an island.

Everything is escalated – everything is turned up a notch – people are losing their minds…

“The Coconuts aren’t ripe…”

“There is too much sand here…”

“The water isn’t blue enough…”

“I’m bored…”

It’s all about life on the Island, it’s all about everything happening in that Island… and no one wants to get off the Island OR knows how to get off the Island… all they feel is that this is it and there is nothing else…

Now I imagine “a la Comic Book Strip”… while this drama is ensuing… someone looking over to another Island… where people are chilling in bluish/green water, building sand castles and letting the coconuts ripen thinking “I need to get out of here”.

Whatever you are going through, don’t make it into an Island unto itself.  Take a moment and realize that there is something else out there, maybe better, maybe worse, but different that perhaps can give you the opportunity to jump off the island and try something new.

All you need to do is build the bridge (or boat) to get off the Island.