How to Stand Out when it’s All the Same

How do you stand out when everyone is doing the same thing?

When everyone is using the same hashtags?

When everyone has liked the same quotes?

When everyone is writing the same articles?

When everyone is competing for the same amount of eyeballs?

If there is so much content out there, so much to be read and compete with how can you make a difference with your small little crowd?

How do you grow the eyeballs?

Maybe it’s not about growing the eyeballs but instead about finding the quality eyeballs?

Like your customers you don’t necessarily need more quantity of them, what you need is more quality of them – those that recognize your skills and talents for what they are and not what they are compared to.

Be a Supporting Hero

Everyone wants to the hero that solved the customer’s problem, fixed the last fifteen bugs, saved the sprint, etc, etc.

But whoever they are, they didn’t they do it on their own.

Someone took over their other tasks.

Someone else cleared their calendar of meetings.

Another person on the team took on all their new hire interviews for them.

When they worked through lunch, someone grabbed them a coffee later that afternoon.

That’s how they got it done, that’s how they became a hero and that’s why the Supporting Hero rates higher in my book – they don’t do it for the glory, they do it for the team.

Anyone can score a goal, but it takes a team to setup the play, defend against the other side and the make the pass that everyone will be talking about for a long time to make the thought of the goal possible.

End with with a Period.

Not an exclamation point, not a question mark, not an ellipsis… a simple period.

We’ve exchanged ideas and statements for impact when they used to be about everything before the punctuation.

Want to impress your Team Lead with how to fix that Nuclear customer’s problem?

Send your answer and end it with a period. When you end it with a period, it’s a signal that it will be resolved, it will be fixed, you will get it done and the customer will be happy.

It’s not a hopeful question mark or an exasperated exclamation – it’s what you said it was going to be, nothing more.

When the Team Comes Together

They are unstoppable.

A force of nature.

The combining of all lions into Voltron.

Yes, they are that good.

And you know when it happens, you know the moments I’m talking about, I don’t need to say more than that.

So how you do make it so the Team Comes Together Every, Single, Time.

Now that’s a problem worth solving.


Giving it Away

Want to win over some customers with a great promotion?

Give them a discount on your current product.

Really want to wow them, give it to them for free.

Nothing new there, nothing you haven’t heard of before.

But here’s where the onus on the company giving the discount or the item for free resides.

They must support that discounted or free item just as they would if the customer bought at the regular price.

If you can’t support the discounted or free item in the same way as the regular priced item, then┬ádon’t offer it.

The last thing you want is customers complaining that you are not true to your word.