Sniffing Markers: Ep 14 – Accountability & Empowerment

In today’s (New Year’s!) episode, Greg & Colin talk about Accountability and Empowerment. We talk about the difference between these two concepts and what kind of team members come out of accountability and empowerment cultures. We discuss our own experiences and how to empower to create true leaders.

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At the end of the Tunnel…

The greatest feeling of any project?

The end is in sight, you can see the light.

All the late nights and early mornings of coding and working are finally coming to fruition.

Everything you planned for is progressing just as you expected it would.

The planets are aligning.

It’s the greatest feeling in the world.

And at the same time, it’s always met with the same set of questions?

“That’s it? We’re done?”

To which the answer is “Yes”until you get on the next train headed for a new tunnel.

Variables, Functions and Classes by Name Oh My!

I will never, ever tire of naming my Classes, Functions or Variables.

It is the most creative part of any development endeavour that starts and ends with you.

Whether you are a Hungarian or Camel case notation kind of person – it’s the best part of your day.

I have stared many a time at a function and thought – “This is garbage, it needs to be named something else” – and when it came to me – EUREKA!!!!

Now that variable, class or function had a purpose, was empowered and would lead all the other variables, classes or functions to glory.

Or so I think.

Finding your Goal Priority

Everyone might know what the goal is?

But do they know what the priority is?

Goal – “We want to get this amazing release out the door to our customers.”

Priority – “We need to get these bugs done as soon as possible because we have to get this release out by X date.”

Goals are high-level, where you want to go, what you want to achieve. Priorities are the breakdown of the individual objectives that can achieve the goal.

You can’t have one without the other. But as a project progresses it becomes easier and easier for them to drift further apart.

The goal of the amazing release shifts to simply “getting it out the door.”

Fixing that last bug that would polish the release nicely is now pushed to a subsequent iteration.

Priority, the now, has taken a higher precedence to achieving the Goal, the real Goal of what you hoped to achieve when you started.

Take a look at what you are working on now – are you working for the sake of the priority today or the goal tomorrow?

Danger Dates

The most dangerous date in a release is the one that is artificial but told to the team is legit.

The fastest way for your team to lose trust in you is to parlay in Danger Dates that have no meaning, no belief, no honesty and no reality.

It’s the surest way to ruin all the good work you have undertaken up to that point.