On Holding Back

The only person you are hurting when you hold back is yourself.

So why hold back?

Why not give it your all every day?

Why not treat every day like the day before vacation?

Why not take a stand and try something new that no one else is doing?

Instead of bringing your “okay” work to the table and letting someone else decide if it is “good enough” bring your best quality work so when you leave it doesn’t matter what anyone else decides?

The goal, as always, isn’t for you to compare yourself with everyone else, but to compare yourself with you and to go from there.

Oddly enough, that one person you are competing against is the same person that is most often holding you back – you.


Work When you are Weak

When your inspiration is low.

When your last experiment failed.

When you don’t have any ideas.

When everything you have tried has failed.

When you feel down on yourself.

When you tried your best and were critiqued by everyone.

When the bills are coming in and the checks aren’t there.

When the followers have left.

When the bots are not even liking your work.

That’s when you sit down, at the table, just you and no one else and you work.

You figure the way out, you find the path, you grind it out and you turn it around.

But you’ll only get there if you are willing to do the work.

Commitment vs Focus

Focus enables us to zero in on a task and force ourselves to work until we complete that singular task.

Commitment is the dedication that fuels our focus.

We might be focusing on a few tasks at any point in time, but if we are not committed to them, they will never get done.

We’ll look at them, stare at them, turn them around, and figure out which is the best way to attack them and then dive in.

In most cases, the problem isn’t in our commitment but what we have focused on, we picked the wrong thing and now we feel this unyielding urge to stick with it and see it through, never changing.

You have the commitment, but what you need to change is your focus.

Not a bad problem to have.



What’s in a Name?

Apparently stock price, recognition and some perceived value when it comes to following the latest trends.

But those are fads and will quickly pass when everyone sees you for who you are.

For the most part, you’ve had the same name all your life and in the significant majority of these cases, you didn’t choose it.

It was given to you.

What you did with it was up to you (sorry horoscopes and name generators you really didn’t help).

If you want to call your company – “Makio”, “IWorkOALotto” or “Happis” – go for it, find the domain, make sure no one else is using it and hang up your shingle.

What happens next and what you do with that name is entirely your own.

There is only one rule – make it your own – don’t tie it to what is hip, in fashion or part of a passing fad.

Make it your own.

Can I Script it?

If I can’t, I’m not interested.

Because whatever you have built, whatever you have created, no matter how good the GUI is, one day I’m going to want to automate it.

And if I can’t automate it, I’m going to throw it against the wall in disgust because now I know in the back of my head that I will always have to fire up your app and stare at this gorgeous GUI taking up my time as I wait for it to finish its task.

Software is meant to be automated, it’s designed to save us time, not force us to stare at it and watch progress bars trickle by.

If you really want to make an impact in your next app launch, show your customers how they can script it and get back the commodity they are so desperately trying to find more of that you’ve just given them in spades – Time.