I want an Easy Life

Great – start with the end goal in mind.

It’s not going to come to you on a silver platter.

Forget all the hype, all the articles that are promoting someone else over you, all the followers you don’t have and guest posts you are missing out on.

If you want it, go work for it, go make it happen.

That’s all.

(foot note: this post first started out as “Great – Go work for it.  That is all” – it is that simple)

Proving Your Worth

This is probably the hardest lesson that any Freelancer, Consultant or Contractor has to figure out.

What am I worth?

What is my value to someone?

How do I place that into an hourly, daily or project based total?

The industry at large would have you start with what your track record is – what you have completed and what has been marked as a success.

Little thought is given to…

  • What you are trying to accomplish
  • What side projects you have going on that don’t bring in any income (yet)
  • What hidden skills you offer alongside your track (i.e., it wasn’t one set of skills that ensured those projects were delivered)
  • Who you are and what you can accomplish

The only way to show your worth is if you enunciate it to include not only what you have accomplished, but why it was YOU accomplished it (and not someone else) and what you have the potential to accomplish for all your customers.

Do you really need to work to 2 AM to be Successful?

Ignoring everything there is on sleeping, what your body needs, how it can operate et al.

My only thoughts on this – we are all wired differently and can all handle less or more sleep.

Moving on.

Do you need to work every day to 2 AM to be successful?

My only answer is whether the work you are doing at 2 AM is still as useful as the work you were doing at 9 pm?

If so, then yes keep working till 2 AM and become successful.

If not, then yes stop working till 2 AM and become successful.

It’s not the time you are putting into the work that matters, but rather the work that you are putting into the time – if the quality isn’t where it needs to be than that should be your biggest concern and not what hours you are working till.

Building a Better Mouse Trap

Sometimes, all that is needed is a better MouseTrap – a better way to solve the problem, a modification on the structure, some much needed enhancements, etc, etc.

You don’t need to be an innovator to be a creator, sometimes all you need is a tweak to take something broken and make it better than before, better than anyone imagined, and through that create a better product that will re-invigorate a worn-out market or need that people have long forgotten.

History is littered with examples so don’t worry if you haven’t invented the latest tire that tweets out it’s mileage and alerts you when a nail gets lodged in it sometimes what is really needed is a Better Mouse Trap and not a new one.

When your Funnel starts shrinking

Whether it’s your sales, project, lead or work funnel – we all experience that moment where it contracts and the phones stop ringing.

Perhaps it’s because you haven’t been able to put in the daily work to maintain that consistent growth or maybe everyone has simply gone on vacation.

Whatever the case, now is not the time to worry, now is the time to dig.

Perhaps your normal channels are no longer working and it’s time to branch out into new areas.  How can you improve your reach, expand to more people, find more opportunities.

Or, maybe everything is all good and this is a great opportunity for you to focus on your overall solution work and making your end product better.

Or, maybe it’s a problem with your niche, maybe it’s too small or large and you need to redefine it.

Whatever the case – there are many reasons for why a funnel can be shrinking and what you do about it next.

The trap you must strive to avoid is the one where you immediately start to think – “I’m not good enough, I’m horrible at this, I should quit”.

Because that’s not the funnel speaking, that’s your own fear of failure projected onto an event that is talking.