Ship Until You Get to Perfect

Episode 8 of the Sniffing Marker’s Podcast had a lot of great content in it on finding clients.

But despite our best efforts, we were still struggling with audio quality so my voice sounds like I’m in a tunnel.

That’s life, that’s how it goes when you are trying to ship and make something happen and forget about it being perfect.

I’m much more satisfied that we delivered vs waiting another two weeks to get it right thereby delaying delivery another week after that.

Because with those 3 extra weeks, we can learn more, generate more content and keep getting better.

If we focused on getting that one episode perfect, we might not have recorded as many episodes as we currently have.

The Neverending World of Learning Something New

I think this is my favourite topic to post about it. I love the idea of challenging ourselves to learn something new and to see what we can really accomplish if we put our minds to it.

Check out this video of this guy who practices doing backflips all day long. I love the time metric in the bottom corner showing what it actually took for him to learn that skill.

I wanted to try out this theory to see if I could learn something simple, so I did, I learned to juggle, here are the results and here’s what it took.

It always takes you longer than you think, even something that you “think” is taking you a long time is going by faster than you think.

Don’t give up because the road looks long, put your head down and put one foot in front of the other.

The Break-Out Strategy

You’ll hear this from coaches a lot.

“What’s our break-out?”

“How do we get the – (whatever sport it is we’re playing) – out of our zone and into theirs?”

The same goes for your career.

Do you have a break-out strategy for taking that next step in your career?

Do you know where you want to go next?

Do you know who you need help from?

Do you know what you need to get there?

It’s not complicated, draw a box on a piece of paper, make 4 squares within it and map it out.

From there draw arrows between the boxes.

Now you have a break-out strategy.

Start thinking Long Term

I wish I had better running endurance today.

I wish I could bench my own weight today.

I wish I had a better wrist shot today.

I wish I had better grammar today.

But I don’t (and many of us don’t either), where we want to be today we are not and that frustrates all of us to no end.

Even if we have put in months and months of effort already.

This isn’t about doubling down and working twice as hard ( but if you need it, that’s good too) it’s about thinking where you want to be tomorrow today.

Simply put – write down where you are today (or record it or something) – put it into a box for 6 months.

Six months from now are you still there?


Rinse and Repeat baby, all day every day.

Stop thinking about the short-term today and start focusing on the long-term tomorrow.


How to Start a Podcast

I’ve been doing a Podcast for a few months now and like anything, it isn’t the ongoing execution of the cast that took the most time but the initial “doing” of the cast and getting up to make it happen.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed that goes into creating a cast, don’t, here are some simple steps that we took to get started.

  1. Get a decent Mic.  I purchased this one, very easy to use and easy to take with me.
  2. Download Audacity for audio mixing (seriously, I am not an audio engineer and I was able to figure it out in 10 minutes).
  3. Download some cool intro music.  I went onto iTunes and bought 2 tracks for $.99 a piece.
  4. Get a website – WordPress or LibSyn can get you setup pretty fast and they have all the goodies to make it happen.
  5. Register your Podcast with iTunes and Stitcher.
  6. Start Recording.

That’s it – six steps to having your own Podcast.

I’d be remiss to say that it is 50% easier if you do it with someone, you can both encourage and support each other through the trials of getting it started and it’s always good to have someone to laugh with.

For the actual episodes themselves, we try to do a one-page outline that we keep in front of us so we know what we are talking about and that’s it.

Do a few tests to verify the audio quality, but other than that give’r.  We were in a horrible room for our first few episodes that had some hard echo – that’s life.

The best part about doing a Podcast?  No one sees you sweat when you are recording it.