I’ve written about this before, but it always bears mentioning again.

Refocusing your efforts isn’t a once year activity, it’s a twice a month, every other month, every month, every week and today activity that you are always working on and working towards.

You don’t get better by refocusing on a predefined schedule waiting for “Refocus” day to arrive, you get better by constantly looking at what you do and figuring out what and how you can do it better.

Scheduling Refocus time, waiting for it to happen, to arrive, is easy, simple and without any emotion.

Doing it all day, every day, when you wake up and realize it’s not coming and are willing to jump in with both feet and make it happen?

That’s something altogether different and amazing.

Why I Leave Everything to the Last Minute

A new book, or maybe an article… perhaps even a blog on why I leave everything to the last minute.

But I’ll probably leave it to the last minute so it might never see the light of day.

After all these years of knowledge and experience, I still leave some tasks to the last minute.

Perhaps it’s hubris, ego or simple busyness.

Whatever the reason, I’m always amazed to find my best work originating from this confluent state of pressure, excitement and stress.

Will I ever learn.

Play the Long Game

This isn’t about Financial Planning.

This isn’t about your Insurance Policy.

This is the one thing you need to get square in your head before you take on that new project.

Play the Long Game.

Don’t worry about the metrics, don’t worry about what your competition is doing better, don’t worry about how much someone else sleeps versus how much you sleep, don’t worry about what works and what doesn’t.

That’s short game thinking and you’re in it for the long game.

I want an Easy Life

Great – start with the end goal in mind.

It’s not going to come to you on a silver platter.

Forget all the hype, all the articles that are promoting someone else over you, all the followers you don’t have and guest posts you are missing out on.

If you want it, go work for it, go make it happen.

That’s all.

(foot note: this post first started out as “Great – Go work for it.  That is all” – it is that simple)

I Need that Fix

I need my coding fix to keep the logical part of my brain happy.

I need my writing fix to get out everything I have in my head.

I need my entrepreneurial fix to engage that feeling of starting something and growing it.

I need my sales fix that drives me to reach out and network with people.

I need my leadership fix when coaching and working with teams.

I need my exhaustion fix when I finish going for a run.

I need my building fix when I try to build something with my hands, admiring the calluses I have earned at the end of the day.

I need my humble fix when I try something new and keep failing no matter my level of effort.

I need that family fix where I get to step back and be amazed by all they can do.

We all have a variety of fixes we need in our life, the goal should never be to focus on just one, but instead to understand what ones we need and how to craft a life around that.