The Whining Game

I’d like there to be a National Whining Day.

Where for the entire day – there is no school, no work, no projects, no deliverables, no nothing.

Everyone steps outside their door, family, dog and all and lets it out – says everything they need to say about everything that is bothering them at the top of their lungs.

No snippy comments or sarcastic remarks just full on screaming at the top of our lungs about anything and everything that YOU feel is holding YOU back.

Then, in that moment we could take in how silly we look and start to figure out a better way to stop whining about everything and what doesn’tmatter and start working towards what does.

Your Phone will Never Inspire You

I’ve checked, it’s not there.

There are only so many totally awesome inspirational posts to pull you in.

Only so many great photos that you can like.

The number of followers you can “get” is finite.

It’s not all bad, your phone can still be useful if you focus it down on the goals you want to accomplish, but unfocused, it’s a bull in a China Shop with nowhere to go.

Find your Inspiration in something bigger… and yes… better.

Know your Audience

You cannot deliver if you don’t know your users.

You cannot lead if you don’t know the members of your team.

You cannot initiate a new process if you don’t understand the impact the disruption will have on those who use it.

You cannot drive if you don’t know where you are heading.

You cannot grow if you do not know your audience.

Everything is Closed

So what are you going to do, now that’s just you and your family?

At the end of the day will you be overflowing with happiness?

Now figure out how to close everything and be happy.

Merry XMAS.

Trust Doesn’t start at 100

It starts at zero.

You didn’t come into this world trusting your parents 100%, you didn’t even know them.

So you cried every chance you got.

Over time you came to recognize their voice and touch and gave in to trusting them a little more each day.

Your team is the exact same (save maybe the crying).

You need to earn their trust so it goes above 100, not start at 100, letting it erode over time.

Hint: Whether it’s growing from 0 – 100 or eroding from 100 – 0, the steps aren’t large, heavy actions, they are the every day deposits that you show up for, each and every day.