What is the Answer That will Make you Happy?

I’ve taken to asking people this question when they approach me in an obviously perturbed manner that is a combination of frustration, anger, confusion, or any other malcontent emotion.

What is the Answer you want to hear that will make you happy?

In all cases, they are immediately taken aback, not because I’m being rude (I do try to be pleasant even when the emotions are running high) but rather because they are trying to think of what answer will actually them happy.

And they don’t know, they don’t know what answer they want to hear.

From here you have two paths that you can go down – one, be blunt – “if you don’t even know what you want, how am I supposed to know” – which will get you no further (and might even set you back a few steps from where you are now) OR two, be honest – “let’s figure this out.”


Come Together

Or Fall Apart.

When you’re on a team, any team, in any timezone, remote or in the office, upstairs or downstairs, doing the same job or different ones, if you can’t bring them together, if you can’t come together…

You’ll never be a team.

You’ll just be a bunch of people, in the same place, doing some stuff and hoping that it somehow will come together.

Pro Tip: It won’t.

Yeah, that’s hard to hear, maybe even harder to admit if you’re the one lead the team?

It’d be incredibly hard to stand up at your next team meeting and tell everyone the honest truth, wouldn’t it?

And by delivering the truth, I don’t mean with added negativity, dripping in sarcasm, eyes pointed in certain directions.

I mean in cold, hard, rational truth – “If we don’t come together, we will fall apart.”

Yeah, that’s super hard to do.

But that’s where things can also start to get better.


What made you succeed?

Following the process?

Doing what everyone said?

Never changing direction?

Staying with the status quo?

Never breaking the mold?

Always doing what you were told?

Never trying something new?

Or was it when you broke away and tried something you had never done before?

Looked at the problem from a new angle?

Pushed back when everyone was willing to take the hit?

Now change “Succeeded” for “Grow” and see if your answers changed.

What’s the Answer You Need?

Not the Answer you want.

Not the Answer that is going to change your life.

But the Answer you need.

What is the Answer you need to go get from A to C, to stop worrying about all the noise around you, to move on and forget where you are?

That’s the question we don’t ask ourselves enough on a daily basis.  What do I need and not what do I want.

Don’t confuse want with need, they have different goals, different objectives and can take you down completely different paths.

How long does it take to find your Niche?

As a Freelancer that is always trying to define their niche, this is no easy task.  On a recent podcast by Seth Godin, he mentioned that if you can find 1,000 people to define your niche you are in great shape.

One thousand people…

One thousand people…

I’m stuck on trying to get past ten right now (okay maybe more than that but you get the idea).

Defining a niche is easy (this is who we serve), finding them, getting your message to them, having them acknowledge that your message aligns to their problem is a whole other problem that is not readily solved by hanging your sign to say “we’re open”.

Over the last year, I’ve tried a variety of channels and paths to try and reach my niche, some have worked, some haven’t, some need refinement, others were tossed the pile.  What keeps me going is that when I find one more person who identifies with what I’m selling, well then I know I’m one more person to that One thousand than I was the day before.