How to Stand Out when it’s All the Same

How do you stand out when everyone is doing the same thing?

When everyone is using the same hashtags?

When everyone has liked the same quotes?

When everyone is writing the same articles?

When everyone is competing for the same amount of eyeballs?

If there is so much content out there, so much to be read and compete with how can you make a difference with your small little crowd?

How do you grow the eyeballs?

Maybe it’s not about growing the eyeballs but instead about finding the quality eyeballs?

Like your customers you don’t necessarily need more quantity of them, what you need is more quality of them – those that recognize your skills and talents for what they are and not what they are compared to.

The Change you Want to See

Take a second to consider it –¬†What is the change you want to see?

Better yet, what is the change you need to see?

The change that you demand of yourself.

That you NEED to demand of yourself to see your world open up to new opportunities and avenues for growth?

Is it giving up old, unfocused activities?

Is it switching careers?

Is it abandoning the peers that tell you “you’re never going to make it”?

Is it starting to believe in yourself?

Whatever it is, it doesn’t start next month, next week or tomorrow, it starts today?

Take 10 minutes, think about the change you want to see, figure out the small step(s) you can make today and make it happen.

Wake up tomorrow and take the second step – rinse and repeat.


I’ve written about this before, but it always bears mentioning again.

Refocusing your efforts isn’t a once year activity, it’s a twice a month, every other month, every month, every week and today activity that you are always working on and working towards.

You don’t get better by refocusing on a predefined schedule waiting for “Refocus” day to arrive, you get better by constantly looking at what you do and figuring out what and how you can do it better.

Scheduling Refocus time, waiting for it to happen, to arrive, is easy, simple and without any emotion.

Doing it all day, every day, when you wake up and realize it’s not coming and are willing to jump in with both feet and make it happen?

That’s something altogether different and amazing.


I’d like to say it gets easier over time.

Putting your everything into trying to make something happen and coming up spectacularly short.

There is no well to go back to.

No second chance.

It’s one and done and you are done.

You can console yourself by trying to analyze what you did wrong, what you would have done differently and ask yourself that question of when you will try again.

But none of that is going to change the fact you were Rejected.

Where is this going?

It happens and there isn’t a five-step plan out there that can help you analyze it from every angle or permutation to feel better about it.

It’s the way it is – have a beer, get some wings, down the ice cream, play some video games and get back on the horse tomorrow.

But today, take the small solace that you tried where others didn’t, no analysis necessary.

Blow off the steam today, so you can come back tomorrow and try again.

It’s Always a Good Job

If you know something today that you didn’t know yesterday – you did a Good Job.

If you tried something new, fell on your face and want to get up tomorrow and try again – you are doing a Good Job.

If your work is making people, think and question their approach – you are doing a Good Job.

If your quiet actions are drowning out the deafening sounds of negativity – you are doing a Good Job.

If you show up early, leave late and never complain about it – you are doing a Good Job.

It’s not always about measuring the success or fails, sometimes it’s simply about reminding ourselves that we are doing a Good Job (in comparison to nothing else but yourself).