The last few years have been a never-ending Overload. The last few days have been a literal electrical Overload. We all have those moments and the best advice I can offer; Take the moments to yourself, get your head on straight. Stay away from email/text/etc until you have had that moment to breathe. Generate that small win. Figure out what caused the overload and take steps to reduce it. If it’s never-ending, figure out why…

I think we are conditioned that big successes require big moments and ceremonies to make them be worthwhile and properly commemorate all the work that has gone into something. Maybe, but when I think of the successes I have had, the ones that mattered more than anything.  I can easily say, that the quiet moments away, are when I actually got to absorb what went into that success, what mattered, and just how great it…

It’s a tough question to ask of yourself because it can only be answered by yourself. But once you ask it, you know what you do and don’t bring. And what you don’t bring becomes the plan for you to figure out how to get there.

Grunt work never has and never will go away. It will always be there, no matter your role, it will exist, in different forms to be sure. Embrace it, learn from it, figure out how to automate it, and do something with it. From grunt work comes our great ideas for what we might work on next.

It doesn’t matter where you start per se, what does matter is that you start. That’s what your team needs you to do is start. Along the way you’ll figure out if it’s wrong or right, but today, what they need is for you to start.