I get emails that I’m “cc:ed” on.

We all do.

I send emails where I “cc” people on.

We all do.

Did we ever do this before with our conversations?


Do we cc people on our instant messages?


The problem with ccing someone is that it is never clear what they are supposed to do with it?

Do you want them to read everything therein?

Do you want them to take an action based on what is in the email?

Do you want them to read but just respond?

CC is a super-convenient way to someone was included and notified on what the content of the email is but ever have to do anything with it.

If you are in the TO list of the email I am sending, there is an action for you.

I used to work with someone would send out project status updates with the first line reading like this.

“If your name is below, you have items assigned to you, read on.”

Great to the point expectations of what to do with the message that just hit your inbox.

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