The most common mistake you can make in growing your team is assuming that people’s titles determine who they are as a Leader. Senior, Lead, Manager, Principal, Staff… pick your word and throw it against the wall, it doesn’t mean anything. The first thing you need to do before you start coaching a team is sit down with everyone and feel out who they are and what they are about. You might find out that…

Always bring as much energy to the new team as you did to all the ones before. That’s why you’re leading them, because of what you brought before them. There are no laurels to rest on, now it’s time for new achievements, new opportunities and unrealized growth.

Name the one thing that is driving you nuts about your team, the one thing you wish you could change, the one thing that keeps you up at night and you wish you could change. Now, what are you doing about it? Maybe you can’t act and are waiting for someone to respond or do something.  Maybe you are holding back for whatever reason – but that right there – is the number one killer…

I don’t think we are. I think we get the idea of it, we talk about it enough to have blogs on blogs on blogs about it. But we aren’t putting it into action, and when you aren’t putting it into action, where are you leading your team? We’re missing the goal for the purpose of saying that we lead.

You assume that when everyone arrives at the “Brainstorming” session that of course, they are all ready to “Brainstorm”. All ready to hear each other’s opinions. All ready to work together and bat around ideas. But it’s not always the case at which point you need to reiterate the goals of the session, why you are there, what you hope to achieve and what the end goal is moving forward.