Did you accomplish what you wanted to accomplish? Even more, did you leave with the feeling that it was all worth it? Then figure out what will get you back to that feeling and make it happen. At the end of the day, you don’t want to be constantly looking back and wondering what you accomplished or why you bothered.

There is an inherent fear that if we are not there to do our job, how will people do it without us. What will happen when we go on vacation? What will happen when we leave for another opportunity? I’ll keep this simple, life will go on, you hired the people, they will be fine, if you taught them what they need to know they should do things better than you ever could. Everything will…

I heard a Wild Turkey gobble last week. I had never heard a turkey gobble, it is very different from what I’ve been sold all my life. It took me by surprise and shocked me a bit that I kept watching and listening. Your assumptions can always be challenged, you don’t know it all. If you’re willing to let them be.

That’s our goal. That’s what I heard our goal was – “Just Above the Bare Minimum.” If there was a place not to set the bar,  that was it, because it’s so low, you can step right over it. Be better than the Bare Minimum… or just above it.

A team is made of many people, but what matters, where the difference lies, is in what you bring to it. We forget to ask this question of ourselves, but when we do, when we do ask it, it almost always causes us to pause as we think of what it does the team needs from us – what can we contribute, how can we lead, what can we offer. And if you are leading…