We’ve interviewed a number of people this season on Remotely Prepared from the HR discipline. I’m guessing that’s a trend that’s going around these days. Our recent guest, Pat Mullins, is one of the most down to earth HR interviews we’ve ever had. At the end of this great interview, he told us that – “I’m just the HR guy.”- which had me laughing because he is so great at it. Here’s the full interview.

I am tired of people not showing up for meetings. Showing up can take the form of any or some of the following; Not preparing for the meeting.Interrupting people.Setting the meeting back with irrelevant questions. I’m tired of those things happening on my ZOOM calls. Yes we might be tired of having to have all the meetings, but let’s not confuse ZOOM with our inherent meeting culture which is the real problem.

Confusion occurs when the task we are trying to accomplish is hit with new information that questions the necessity of the task. I’m asked to make scrambled eggs, but we have no eggs. Confusion – what should I do? Compounded Confusion occurs when we don’t change our direction based on the new information. I tell you we have no eggs and yet we keep being asked to make scrambled eggs. Now the issue is no…

You role, what you seek to accomplish, what you deliver, what you focus on. Is what you design it to be. The skills, the habits, the actions, the movements, the presentations are all yours to take and yours to own. If you want to be a manager, act like one. If you want to be a senior developer, learn what it takes to become one and start doing those things. If you want to be…