All work has a base and from there we customize it. We find what we like and we seek to tweak it. There are so many TikToks, Reels, etc, that walk all of this and show base products being customized to fit your needs. It’s not about IF your product is going to be customized, it’s WHEN it’s going to be customized so you might as well start building it to be extended.

Something didn’t go right. Your code broke. Your project cracked. You have two choices, let it stay that way or build it back to where it was, to where it will work, to where it will be broken. It might have failed spectacularly and you might be regretting it – don’t, it happen, now find your way back.

Answers should not include… “I do this…” “I’m the best at this…” “My job is X…” “Only I can do that…” “I run this…” “I monitor that…” “I’m backup for Y…” What do you bring, not what you are, what do you bring to the team?

So I should continue doing nothing?  If something happened when I did nothing why I should engage in more activity to do something? It’s a waste and effort of energy and what if nothing happens from me doing something, now I’ve spent all that time and gone nowhere. Confused? This is the circle of confusion where you are trying to convince yourself to do or to not do something.  You can wrap yourself up in…

We are one day away from getting everything you set out to do 11 months ago. If you haven’t gotten it all done, hurry up, stop wasting your time, get back in there, and get it done. No excuses, you should have had it all done by now, I have no idea what you were thinking or why you were thinking it. Get it together, get in there, and make it happen. (That’s where all…