Your code. Your team. How you lead. What project you are working on. What you are learning. Everything, it all breaks at some point. Good. That’s the point, if it doesn’t break, you’re not learning, you’re going through tutorials and motions where everything is isolated and perfect. It’s messy, all of it, it’s supposed to be messy, that’s the point. Break it, make a mess, fix it and grow.

Without getting into a whole “thing” on experts, there is a common fallacy that when your team isn’t performing, you need more of them to get back on track. On a sorely undermanned project, of course, you might need more senior resources to jump in and get the ball rolling again. But in most cases, your projects are not at this point and what need isn’t an Expert, what you need is for your existing…

No matter what it is. Being a YouTuber. Coding. Writing. Kicking a ball. Scoring a goal. Drawing. Building a House. Building a Fence. Knitting. Writing proposals. Whatever it is, remember, it’s all learning, all the time. You are never done, you’re always growing, always learning more. It doesn’t happen overnight, it happens over life.

Years ago, I wanted to learn to draw better. I laid out this very straightforward, simple plan how to do it and shared it with the people in my project group (my community) so they knew my plan and knew what I was striving for. One piece of feedback I received was – “How are you going to share it with everyone else?” – to which my answer was, why do I need to do…

Your team is changing. Your industry is changing. Your job is changing. Your role on the project is changing. Where you work is changing. How you work is changing. It all changed in 2020. Now it’s 2021, are you going to let that change take you somewhere or are YOU going to take ownership and lead it there yourself?