Do you ship by date? By state of quality? By bugs left on the table? By customer adoption rates? By pre-order? Do you grind late into the night on the last few weeks to get it all done? Do you lay out your sprints so you have time to work on the unknown as it arises? Do you pushback on new requirements?  Everything has to be cut in stone? Often times our delivery profile is…

If you can’t code 8 hours a day. Can you jump in, on small tasks, and hammer out 1 hour a day? If you can’t do 5 hours a week can you find time to do 3? Bit by bit is the origin story of many overnight successes.

The next Release is always going to be the best. Until that work gets pushed to the next release. If you commit to fixing everything now, this release will become the best release where you fix everything and next release – who knows what next release will be because you won’t be spending all your time trying to fix it.

If only Levelling Up were this easy (and fun). Instead, you have to trust the path you’re on, the process, and the direction you’re headed that it will lead to leveling up, lead to getting better, and lead to getting that much closer to your end goal.

Does someone need to take minutes in every meeting? That’s a job for a bot, a transcript, and an email. Don’t put someone in charge of writing minutes when they could be contributing so much more to the meeting at hand.