Your last project is done. It’s over. It’s complete. It’s left the building. And now, everything you have been putting off has come flooding back to you.  You can think now, it’s no longer consuming you and it’s time to finish everything else you put on hold.

How Hard you work determines how successful you’ll be. It’s that simple. If you are not having to work hard, it’s most likely because someone worked hard before you and you are now able to leverage that work. Someone had to work hard for you be successful, it’s either going to be you or someone else.

The Last Bug is always the most satisfying to fix. It doesn’t matter what status it has associated with it, what state it is in, or how long it takes. It’s the icing on the cake and it’s the greatest feeling to ship it and call it a day. Until the next bug comes in and you have to start all over again… then that becomes the last bug.

You have lists on lists of what is left to do. But you only have so much time left. So now comes the hard part, you can’t do it all and you can either try to or you can start throwing turnips off the truck. The idea of throwing turnips off the truck is that you are not going to get everything you wanted when you first started out on your journey, but you will…

The difference between Good and Great is the outcome. Good talent focus on the outcome, the outcome is all that matters, the prize at the end, the bonus, the award, the gift. Great talent focuses on the work to be done knowing the outcome will take care of itself.  If the work happens, everything else will fall into place. It’s all in the approach working towards the same outcome.