Oh yeah, completely wrong, you could have everything going wrong around you and still make something happen. But don’t confuse that with skill in execution, it’s all your practice, repetition, and focus that made something good happen at that moment where it was wrong and you pushed the needle in your favour.

We are one day away from getting everything you set out to do 11 months ago. If you haven’t gotten it all done, hurry up, stop wasting your time, get back in there, and get it done. No excuses, you should have had it all done by now, I have no idea what you were thinking or why you were thinking it. Get it together, get in there, and make it happen. (That’s where all…

Love them or hate them, Story points aren’t going anywhere. You can keep the debate rolling, you can keep arguing for points over hours or vice versa (I like vice versa myself). But remember, they aren’t called “Task Points”, there is, and always will be a duration to finishing a task – start, middle, end. Story points are an estimate, task work is the execution of the estimation, and you adjust your estimates (points) based…

The journey is the memory we talk of. It’s the in-between moments of everything that comes together when it comes together, and how it comes together. It’s the small stories that we reflect on and remember without hesitation. It’s the best of us and when we get to the destination, all we talk about are the bumps and adventures that happened in the journey. Don’t miss out on the journey, it’s not worth forgetting.

You miss a deadline. You miss an event. The work you put in didn’t pan out. The code you wrote still doesn’t work. The rules are broken. The game is old. Time to get back, time to build something new, time to refocus and not forget why you got started here in the first place.