You know that feeling you get after you haven’t worked out for awhile and your whole body is aching because it’s all like – “hey this is above and beyond our normal routine of getting up, going to work, sitting down, going home, watching something and going to bed” – routine.

And maybe that is something you are doing some other activities during the day too – but you know the day I’m talking about – where you wakeup and go for the run in the morning and feel it the rest of the day kind of day.

Yeah – now remember what that feels like – you feel like the boss, you feel like you could do anything.

Not go do that with your Brain – go do something new, push it to the point where it can’t think any more and you really need a rest.  Figure out how to build a deck, how to fix the hole on your driveway, how to get the unit tests working, how to make your garage a little cleaner.

Now do it the next day and the next day and the next day.

Exercise your Brain till it hurts.

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