We all have our set of GOTO tools when we need to work a problem. Markers, Whiteboards, NotePad++, libraries, extensions, plugins, etc, etc. Starting with a new set of tools that are not your own feels wrong, out of place, and forced upon you.  It feels like you are trying to crush a square peg through a round hole and it refuses to go.  You keep pounding it in, but it won’t go. Give them…

I have a stand-up desk. I have a sticker on it that says “STAND UP”. I don’t overdue it in 45/60 minute increments and try to go for a basic 15 or 30 morning/afternoon. But when the days are long, when I need it most, I don’t do it. I have no idea why.

Did you show up? Did you do the bare minimum? Were you there but not engaged? Did you give to try your best? Could you have done better? Checking the box isn’t enough, it never was, and it never will be.  The next time you find yourself in that scenario, ask yourself what you could accomplish if you did more next time – not for others, but for you.

If you’re always showing up, you are that much farther than those that don’t. If you show up and participate, you are that much farther than those that show up. If you show up and ask questions, provide feedback, take initiative, lead and keep helping others. Well… then you’re unstoppable.

Of course it did, we all have an ingrained habit of assuming the worst of what might happen in a particular scenario and then when it happens we say and combination of… Could have been a lot worse. Went better than I thought. That’ll do. Well, now we know where to start. Nothing ever goes as planned in your head, but what you do next, is always better than where you are currently starting from.