Rambli Just my thoughts…


Actions are where it’s At


It doesn’t matter, what you say or how many times you say it. How often you stand up in front of people to deliver that slick powerpoint that checks all the boxes for how good you can be. It doesn’t matter. Because no one will remember. They will remember how you acted and that’s what matters. Translation: Words are nice, but when not backed up by actions they mean very little...

Going Against the Grain


There is nothing glamorous about it.

And that’s the point.
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Don’t Get Rid of Your Outlet


We all need an outlet, somewhere to escape to where we think of nothing else but the outlet and if we’re lucky, all of our ideas percolate in the back of our heads. And if they are not percolating in the back of our mind, you still need that outlet. That outlet should not be a side hustle or a money making venture. It shouldn’t be something that focuses you to learn something new. It...

That whole Soft Skills Thing


I enjoy reading the Gaping Void – it’s a great mix of word and art that drives the point home, all day, every day. But their recent article on Soft Skills – re-ignited that argument that has always been raging inside of me – Soft skills, hard, skills, medium-baked skills, school educated skills, street skills, etc, etc. They are all skills, you don’t need to...

Getting out of Frustrated


The easiest thing to have happen to us is to get frustrated. We try something, we mess up, we get frustrated. We put all our our time into making something perfect and the last piece breaks, we get frustrated. We write all this incredible code only to be hit with one final brick wall that is insurmountable, we get frustrated. Getting frustrated is easy, it’s the go to emotion, the first...

Rambli Just my thoughts…

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