You have two choices; Start Over. Walk Away. Both take courage, there is no right one to always go with, you might use one over the other depending on the scenario. The hard part is knowing which choice to make when the situation requires it.

Whenever work with a client, I always ask them what they want to get out of the system, what do they need to see happening, and what metrics matter? Sometimes I’ll get the answer – “We can’t talk about that now, we need to get this working.” Which is a big red flag to whatever process they have because that means they are managing my urgency, exception, and the next big fire that comes in.…

Not to be confused with a task, a delivery, or a story. Bugs are code that yields unexpected results. Whether they operate as a feature, like design, or unintended – they are a disconnect between what we expect, and what is happening.

When doing an Options Analysis of a variety of solutions, it’s imperative that before you start, everyone agrees on what options you are looking at. If you don’t, the road ahead will be much harder than if they all agreed to what you were looking at ahead of time. Save yourself the pain, if needs be, and break it out into two different discussions – what the options are and what the analysis is.

If every battle was an easy win, it wouldn’t be called a battle, it would be called a gimme. It would be an easy win. There would be no challenge. No purpose. No path. But an uphill battle? Well, that’s where it gets fun, because now it’s not a gimme, now you need to work for it.