It’s been a wild two years of working remote and I think many of us are now looking at our health and wondering what we need to do to either improve it or keep what we are doing going. Remote Health definitely falls into the category of “easier said than done” but here are some tips on to make a better go at things on the latest episode of Remotely Prepared.

Perspective is what separates developers from being good to great. The ones that realize a problem exists, but also realize in the priority list, it’s not the burning fire. The ones that focus on the delivery as a whole, see the bigger picture and don’t start attributing an entire release to one low-level bug or bad cosmetic issue. Attention to detail is great, but when it’s unraveling the 90% that your team is built and…

On a new project, things go wrong, all the time, because they are new. That’s what makes them so much fun, it’s like learning a new skill, you’re going to get stopped, you’re going to fall, you’re going to make mistakes. But the only way to get better and keep improving is to keep pushing ahead. If you stop pushing, stop learning, stop growing, you’ll become stagnant and the first question we all ask ourselves…

Compared to others you might not be as faster at getting your work done. You might be a slower coder. Your writing might not be as polished. Your art lines might be harsh where theirs is graceful. Your presentation might lack transition where others didn’t need one. But don’t forget, never forget, that others are comparing their work to yours, wishing it could be more like you.