I’ve done 1 week to 6 week sprints (yes at 6 weeks we called it a sprint) – if you’re not sure what fits best for you, here’s some guidance. 1 Week – It’s all bugs, it’s all known quantities, you have minimal code and your deployment model is code, commit, deploy.  QA happens when you ship to Production, teams of 1 – 2 developers.  The Theme is “MVP”. 2 Weeks – User Stories are…

In video games, there are many side-quests to getting to your primary quest.  They might give you XP (experience) to help in your primary quest (i.e., unit testing, additional coding, etc, etc). We sometimes discard them because – “Bah, when am I going to use this” – but then when we complete the primary quest, we begin the work to go back and clean up our side quests and think – “huh, this would have…

If you can’t code 8 hours a day. Can you jump in, on small tasks, and hammer out 1 hour a day? If you can’t do 5 hours a week can you find time to do 3? Bit by bit is the origin story of many overnight successes.

Alone, in the game of a barrel of monkeys, each monkey can accomplish nothing, just lie there flat on the ground waiting for a pickup. Together, they can hold onto each other, lift each other up, and support one another, achieving what neither could do alone. Never doubt what the monkeys can do.