Have you ever bought a shirt that fit you and given it to someone else who was either smaller or larger than you?

Didn’t fit, did it?

What about following a development pattern that lays out how to build user interfaces on the web while you are building a desktop application?

Probably didn’t fit either, all good ideas, all software, but the fit isn’t there.

What about using a new software methodology?

Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Lake, River (the last 2 are made-up)…

Did they fit the first time?

Do they apply to your business?

Do they fit within your culture?

There are many ways to solve problems, that is what makes software development such an engaging, enriching and life-committing endeavour where you can learn something new every day and be exposed to a firehose of new ideas on a daily, maybe even hourly basis.

The best part about it – there is not one way or one size that fits all – instead, there are many ways, many sizes that each have their great pieces that we can bring together to make something incredible.

The challenge is knowing and learning which pieces to take.

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