Too much on your plate?

Too many things that need to get done today or tomorrow?

Not enough hours in the day?

You have two options…

Eliminate the waste – the projects, the activities that aren’t helping you but are distracting you from what you really want to be doing – the 5 hour nightly show binges that never end but keep you coming back for more because they are easy and give you an excuse to have not moved the needle forward.

Refocus the Outcome – Rank your projects, from top to bottom, what are most important, what does the minimum level of success look like to you, how do you accomplish it and where do you next.  We start off with very lofty goals where sometimes what we really need to do is break-down everything we are doing into smaller, more manageable chunks that one day will add up to the bigger picture.

The problem isn’t always that we have too much going on, it’s sometimes that we are picking the wrong areas to focus our time into which is where the real problem lies.

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  1. Daniel Lanthier Reply

    I keep a prioritized trello blog of my tasks.
    It works for teams, there is no reason why it doesn’t work for an individual. If I can’t manage my own backlog, how am I supposed to be expected to manage my team’s?

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