I’ve been playing around with Facebook and Instagram Ads the last few weeks.

When the ads are running, traction is high, Likes are coming in, maybe a few Followers.

If you want another dopamine hit of Likes and Followers you can pay more for a larger reach and keep it going.

But then what?

How long to do you keep going?

Until your wallet runs out?

For a period of time?

Until you’ve converted X new leads to customers?

It’s called an Ad campaign but really it feels like a short-lived promotion aimed at getting the word out that you are here and open for business.

When it’s over, the real work begins of trying to keep them with you, keep them engaged and interested.

And if you can’t do that with your work, the only other way to do it is to run another promotion to get them back in.

Which feels a little cyclical no?

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