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Come Together


Or Fall Apart.

When you’re on a team, any team, in any timezone, remote or in the office, upstairs or downstairs, doing the same job or different ones, if you can’t bring them together, if you can’t come together…

You’ll never be a team.

You’ll just be a bunch of people, in the same place, doing some stuff and hoping that it somehow will come together.

Pro Tip: It won’t.

Yeah, that’s hard to hear, maybe even harder to admit if you’re the one lead the team?

It’d be incredibly hard to stand up at your next team meeting and tell everyone the honest truth, wouldn’t it?

And by delivering the truth, I don’t mean with added negativity, dripping in sarcasm, eyes pointed in certain directions.

I mean in cold, hard, rational truth – “If we don’t come together, we will fall apart.”

Yeah, that’s super hard to do.

But that’s where things can also start to get better.


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Rambli Just my thoughts…

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