Anyone can ship a product.

Anyone can put a product in a box or on an Appstore and call it a product.

This delivery model is personified to great extent in this clip from TommyBoy

So now we know how we can deliver a Sloppy product, with little care to production.

But the product, the code that follows these base rules’

  • Is named correctly.
  • Is Commented.
  • Makes sense.
  • Follows a logic flow.
  • When asked what it does – a straight answer comes.
  • Doesn’t leave behind garbage that makes its way to production.
  • That no one is afraid to go into.

That is a product that is delivered with pride and the customer’s interests at heart.

Things get busy, you’ll get bogged down, but one sloppy delivery is all it takes to create a mountain of technical debt that you are always trying to dig out of.

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