So here it is, the culmination of that sweet spot of what you HAVE to do, what you NEED to do and what you WANT to do all being perfectly aligned in that perfect sweet spot where you have all your external factors under control, what you NEED to do is driving what you WANT to accomplish.

It’s here that all our goals are being accomplished, what we deliver attuned to what we WANT to accomplish, what our profession NEEDS for us to accomplish and what any external factors (Manager, Leader, Company, etc) HAVE for us to accomplish.

They are aligned, they are focused, they are working together – we’re on the same path.

The purpose of the other variants were not for you to focus on trying to achieve those overlaps as your end goal but to show you what is missing when you only focus on two.  I.e., when I’m focused on HAVE/NEED – I’m fighting fires and not achieving any of my personal goals, when I’m focused on NEED/WANT, it’s all about me but am I doing this for free, how am I supporting something if all I’m doing is pursuing my passions, and HAVE/WANT – what’s my shortcut to get what I WANT by looking busy fighting fires.

If you want to try it for a few weeks – organize your task list into 3 categories – HAVE, NEED, WANT.  The first few times you might not notice any big difference, but keep at it and you’ll start to see how your tasks align and how they come together.  It’s a work in progress, but once I noticed the how of how my work was laid out in front of me, I started implementing strategies to align what I WANTED to accomplish with what I NEEDED and HAVE to do.

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