The Hot Feature is the greatest piece of code ever realized.

It starts off as a bug.

But not just any but, a customer bug.

And not just any bug, but a customer “going bananas, hard to find but oh so good” bug that threatens their use of your product going forward.

So you promise to fix the bug.

But when you look at the bug, it’s not a bug at all, it’s something new (perhaps life, but probably not), it’s a feature.

So now what do you do?

You roll-out the hot feature – no matter how big it is or how many things it touches – you build it, you roll it out, you get out the door.

And afterward, you figure out a way to never do a Hot Feature again because all you’ve done is taken time from all your other customers to build something brand new for one when you really didn’t have the time to do it in.

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