I had an experience with a doctor a few months ago where they squeeze in an appointment at the end of the day to see me.

It was a gross day, raining, muggy… one of those days you want to go home, order some pizza and catch up on Suits.

But they made room in their schedule.

And when the appointment took place, they welcomed us warmly.

And they didn’t rush things, where mistakes were made, they were corrected.

There was no pressure and the next day they, not the office, gave us a follow-up call.

That’s not service, that’s Leadership.

Take that example and apply it to the someone who needs your help.

Will you make the time in your schedule for theirs, will you welcome them to resolve what they need help with, will you take the time to make sure they understand it and will you follow-up to see how it’s going?

Easier said than done and to reiterate, this isn’t Customer Service, this is Leadership.

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