I don’t know if we ever found out? When this show was on, I can’t remember one person ever standing up and saying that “they were the boss and no one else is”?

It made for great comedy but when you’re in a meeting and have a conversation that starts going down this path.

Us: We’re implementing this new idea.

Them: No you’re not, we haven’t approved it.

Us: Oh, we did a demo, everyone liked the approach and the answers to their questions and we received approval to go ahead.

Them: They cannot give you approval only we can.

The conversation shifts from being about whatever it is you were trying to do to now being a power struggle between who wants to be the boss and it generally ends with someone realizing that they are in fact, NOT THE BOSS or that you were talking to the wrong person all along.

The former only validates that you’re on the right path but potentially alienating someone you’re working with while the latter is a hands in the air scenario not knowing what state of delivery your project is in after you committed going down a path you really should not have.

So now you’re left wondering what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and who you should be speaking to on it aka Confusion and Frustration are now your guides and your only way out is to go back to the beginning and ask the question, with everyone in the room – Who’s the Boss?

And that’s where you never want to be.

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