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Manufactured Entitlement


This is a thing.

Where people expect that based on their position they are deserving of special treatment and respect.

Where others buy into this sense of entitlement and treat them this way because they have a title, position or qualification.

And it is driven by the person that has the title, position or qualification.

“Hey I’m the Lead, you should listen to me”

“It’s my way or the highway”

“Everyone follow me, I’m the Leader”

“You guys are lucky to have me running the show”

Except they aren’t, because you never gave them the chance to trust you the way you think they should, respect you the way you want them to or listen to what you have to say because they chose to.

Manufactured Entitlement emerges when a Leader knows their team doesn’t trust them, doesn’t respect them or won’t listen to them because it’s much easier to enforce the entitlement than let it happen over a period of time where we don’t know what the result will be.

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Rambli Just my thoughts…

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