Hiring, anywhere, is the hardest task that you will ever undertake.

It’s easy to be lured by the “Superstar” who has accomplished so much or reads well on paper. And perhaps they are that great, resource and amazing as everyone thinks they are.

But what happens when they are not there?

What happens if everyone on your team comes to depend on the Superstar more than they do themselves?

Where does that leave the needs of your team when they fall behind because the Superstar isn’t there to lift them up?

Take the best person on your team, remove them from the next project, task, initiative, whichever.

How did the team do?

Did they survive?

If they didn’t, what are the gaps you need to focus on to raise them up, how long will it take to get them there and what will it cost for it to happen.

The goal is never to have one or two Superstars on your team, it’s to have a team of all Superstars.

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