Be really bad at it.

Be so bad that whatever it is you do you think to yourself – “Wow this is garbage”.

Don’t worry about getting better and what level you need to achieve, where you need to be next or who you need to be like.

And try again. You probably still won’t be great, but maybe you’re a little better than garbage, maybe there is a glimmer of something you did well and can focus on it and do it again.

Rinse, Repeat and record what you are doing to get better, to improve yourself, to take those incremental steps to make that adjustment.

This isn’t about dragging yourself through the gutter, this isn’t about lowering your self-worth, this is about understanding what others are going through, the steps, the pain that they are going through to get better and to reach the level you’re at.

It’s about going beyond putting yourself into their shoes and instead putting yourself back into the position where you had to learn something when you were really, really bad.

As we improve we forget the pain we went through to get there, but if we keep learning something new, keeping being bad at learning something new, we will remember how to help others and understand more of what they are going through.

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