Streaks are a big thing – when you’re on them, you’re invincible, when you’re off them, you’re not. Snapchat has taken this concept to the extreme where it’s no longer about the quality of the streak but the quantity.

Streaks are great when they push you to show up every day and do your best work, but when they start pushing you to do work, simply for the reason of “doing” work, it’s no longer a worthwhile streak, it’s no longer of value.

It’s time to end the Streak and start over.

I’ve been on writing streaks that have fueled me to keep going and then I’ve broken them. When I looked at the reason for breaking them, it was worth it, I wouldn’t have chosen otherwise.

If you’re on that winning streak but not getting better, is it really a good streak? Or is it a status quo that means nothing and gets you nothing.

Streaks are of their most value, when through them we grow, learn and deliver our best work. If you’re not doing any of those you’re only going through the motions.

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