I had to buy a new pair of skates a few months ago – my old ones were broken, busted and in need of repair.

I was dreading the process but knew I had to do it.

First night out in them and I was flopping all over the place.

The blades were higher, the ankles stiffer, the laces were new, the insoles not fully molded to my feet.

These are all things that would take time to get them acclimated. But I didn’t want to waste time getting them acclimated, I wanted to use them now.

Now I’m not the world’s greatest skater, I am pretty decent but at the end of the day I knew what these new skates were doing, they were exposing old problems that still existed that hadn’t been addressed but my old skates had let happen.

Same thing happens with new tools, maybe they don’t have that hotfix you needed or that configuration value you had added is no longer there. It’s not necessarily a problem with the tool, but with how you tried to fix the problem you had.

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