If you are looking to implement a colossal change in your life and/or career.

I.e., Run a Marathon or build an iPhone App as examples…

And you’re getting nowhere because the goal of what it is you are trying to achieve is simply too big start with getting comfortable with the smallest part of the project.

Master the Mini.

If it’s an app you are building, focus on the database and how you are going to store data. Or if you need authentication, build the authentication module.

If both of those have a significant learning curve, start with one, master it and move on.

If it’s something more physical, like running, walk, master that, than upgrade to two minutes of running, next three, etc, etc.

You will get there, maybe on a different timeline, but you will get there and that’s all that matters.

When jumping into a new endeavour it all looks like a hill, but it’s not and it starts with doing the small pieces, chipping away it, making a dent and then moving onto what’s next.

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