I had a support call with a company awhile back that did not go very well.

We spent over an hour mindlessly clicking everywhere that eventually got us closer to nowhere.

At the end of the call, the agent wanted me to leave him a review while I was watching (to which I politely declined). When I did leave feedback, I didn’t give him top marks to which his supervisor than called to ask why.

He was nice, but it was a similar run around – I need to diagnose everything again to make sure no steps were missed (even though everything on the issue was documented with screenshots in the case itself).

(This isn’t a rocket science type of problem either).

Here’s what gets me every time. We’ll walk the list of steps one more time to ensure we get it just right and nothing is missed so that the new person is confident that they have everything.

But it’s already there, your teammate already did it.

The only problem with the first call, that truly irked me, was that the agent closed it after we got off the call when it had not been solved.

Now I need to run through the issue again.

So many breaks in this process, I could write a post about each one but will start with the big one, my problem is yet to be resolved.

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