I once interviewed someone where I asked that oh so amazing question – “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

(I had not interviewed enough people at that point in my career to realize that this was a dumb question and held no value to the answer being returned).

On this particular day, the candidate in question said – “I want your job”.

They didn’t know what to say, they probably read it on the Internet and thought it was a good response to not knowing.

When they started, I waited, waited, waited and waited to see if they were ever going to come and get it.

They didn’t.

After starting they realized it was so much more to it then they had thought, they would have to work harder than they were right now to make it happen – they weren’t willing to do those things.

Now when someone says that they want my job, I give them the reply that they need to hear – “Come and Get It”

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