Udemy always has a 80% off sale, amazing courses, 40 hours in content, are $12.

Week long conferences are $2,400 and are a firehose of information coming at you.

Courses such as Seth Godin’s altMBA are $3,850 for an immersive, group-based learning experience over six weeks.

Week long, on-site courses are $7,500 (depending on the topic).

Pluralsight subscriptions are $500 / year.

MBAs are somewhere above $40,000+ for the program.

Everyone sets their own cost, but the value, what you get out of it, what use it is to you can only be decided by you.

The additional cost to training that is oft forgotten is time. When you sign up for a conference, course, etc, you are committing to the time quotient of what will be applied and are committing yourself to that period in time.

Do you do the same for the $15 Udemy course?

Is the commitment still there or is it an after thought?

Knowing the cost of the course is what matters before you take it and whether you are truly ready for it.

(Side note: Can’t say enough good things about Seth Godin’s altMBA if you’re looking for a kick in a different direction).

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