Good environments, great teams, amazing delivery environments, go bad.

In can be a result of any number of factors; familiarity, history, hubris, laziness, indifference, whichever the factor you choose.

But good teams can go bad.

The goal is to make sure it doesn’t happen to yours and to always keep the focus where it should be.

To that end;

  • Keep them on target – distractions are a team’s worst enemy.
  • Remind them why they are here – we all forget.
  • Keep Levelling Up- don’t let them rest on their laurels, encourage them to reach for more.
  • Focus on each member – if you want each member to stay as part of the team, you’ll need to remind them why they are here.
  • Use their Ideas – make them feel part of the plan to grow.
  • Embrace their goals – we all have different ideas, you need to do more than just listen to theirs, you need to implement them.

Don’t let your team go from the top to the bottom when they worked so hard to get there, figure out you need to do to keep taking them to the next level so when they look back their only response is – Wow.

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