No one is born into a role.

Everyone wants to a police officer at the age of two, but no one actually is.

Just like no one tells you the day you are going to lead a team. It just kind of happens, maybe you had an inkling something was going to change, maybe it was a formal promotion to being a manager but now there it is in front of you – you are a Leader.

It’s not easy stepping into a new role, it’s always scary, even if it’s just one set of eyeballs staring back at you. This is why in the beginning, when you are getting started, sometimes, more than anything, what you need to do more than anything, is Act Like You’re the Leader.

You don’t need to oversell it, you don’t need to be dramatic about it, but yes, you will need to Act Like It, you will need to question your conscious decisions in what you are doing, think about your answers and questions and consider your actions more than you do now.

But over time, those conscious decisions will fade and they will become a part of who are and what you do.

Until then, you’ll need to act like it is.

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