It’s getting harder to maintain our focus on what needs to be done vs what is happening all around us. We are being torn in fifteen different directions at once with everything breaking at the same time.

Our initial reaction is and always will be to yell out – “Hold on, let me think about this.” – but we don’t have that luxury around us. It reminds me of a release that is going sideways, customers are calling because things are breaking, vendors are calling because software is failing, managers are angry because it went out the door – there is something happening at every turn that you can’t get away from.

That’s what it feels like now.

In those cases, in this case, find your focus. Find the one thing that you can work on, complete and move forward with. Then do the next, then the next. Whatever that focus is, find it, live it, embrace it and work through it. If you can push out the noise, even just for an hour or a day, you’ll be more prepared and ready for what comes next.

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