Years ago when we released my first 1.0, the next day I felt empty.

I poured everything into my keyboard that I could. My fingers were constantly crackling against the keyboard. I detest loud keyboards and went through three of them that year.

I would go to sleep thinking about code, wake up to a nightmare about it (true story), then go to work to put the nightmare to rest.

For that year and a bit, the release consumed me. When I passed by my computer, it stared at me in the face and mocked me that I wasn’t there, so I would go and type all I could to get it out.

But after that first release, after it went out the door – I thought I would have this profound sense of relief – it was done, it had shipped and I was done.

But that first week thereafter, it wasn’t relief or dread that was within me – it was emptiness.

All that code had left me, escaped my body and was gone.

More so then the beginning of that project, I’ll never forget that week. I felt empty for a week, not sure what to do, not sure where to start or where to focus. It was this complete week of emptiness.

And then I started on 2.0 and wow…

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