And what a great moment it was.

What great flames of fury sprouted from the utter disaster that was your team’s crash landing when they tried to reach too high.

Spectacular – this story will be told for years.

It will be told for years because it will be the preamble to the greatest accomplishment your team will ever accomplish.

Every team fails now and again, but the ones that are spectacular, that are borne from pure blood, sweat, effort, tears and commitment to the goal and each other – these are the failures that will manifest into the team’s greatest success.

Whether you’re leading this team or a part of it, don’t fall into the easy trap of playing the blame game, now’s not the time.

Now’s the time for circling back together, figuring out what went wrong and planning your next incredible ship that will blow everyone’s socks off.

I love watching a great team fail, because I know the next time they do anything together, it’s going to be spectacular.

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