When the need to be first outweighs the need to figure out how to get there we have become a Lane Changer.

When stuck in traffic, I sit there and I watch people frantically switching lanes, hoping to get ahead of everyone else hopping between lanes, all goals thrown out the window except for being there first.

Forget the anxiety everyone around you must now insulate themselves from as you jump in front of them at the last second when they are ready to move forward only to nearly missing hitting you.

Or the jerk of your movements that is now lurching the seats of those in your car forward as you stop and go, braking hard each time.

Would you run your team this way?  Creating a cauldron of anxiety, trepidation and pressure all in the name of being first.

Would your team ever ride with you again after delivery of that project?

Doubtful – don’t be a LaneChanger – afterall, in the end, we all arrive at the same time.

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